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How the process works

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2. Declutter

Together we’ll work through what items are staying and what is going. Rest assured that I won’t make you part with anything you don’t want to. We’ll go at your pace.

I will coordinate the donation & removal of items. I dispose of things in an environmentally responsible way whenever possible.

3. Organize

Now it’s time to put everything in it’s home! We can work together or I can do the task on my own so you can just relax or focus on other things. 


We create systems that are easy for you to use and maintain.

If you do need extra containers, we can repurpose and reuse what you have in creative ways or facilitate the purchase of bins and baskets that are right for you. 

1. Contact

During our complimentary 30 minute consultation I’ll learn about your unique situation and organizing needs.


I’ll create a custom plan of action to help achieve your goals.


Don’t worry about getting organizing products yet. Together we’ll determine your product budget so that you get what you need for your project. I’ll do the research & shopping!

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